About Evan 

Evan specialises in creating the most beautiful and inspiring content. Which embracing food, travel, and floral. With his photography and stories, he wants to inspire people to cause a desire, explore around the world and learn from their travels.

In 2014, He set up the Instagram account - Starry_Official as a place to document his travel experiences. After four years of being on Instagram, he started creating white label content and provide bespoke PR campaign service for the hospitality industry all over the globe.


His services include custom content and campaign creation, food and prop styling, dining experience planning, recipe development, Floral design and workshops. Click here for more details and enquiries.

Travel with purpose and learn from it.

Travelling throughout the year to pursue a different aspect of travel experiences. He has been fortunate to be presented with many opportunities in this world. However, his story of travelling was not always a bed of roses. On his first solo trips, he noticed that he forgot to bring cash and cards when he landed in Sydney. He has lost his luggage in the coldest Christmas in Strasbourg with all shops are closed. Accidentally got on the scammer’s car in Ho Chi Minh City. Getting robbed while he is travelling solo in London. Although he tokes those “profound and expensive lessons.”  He is still exploring the world and not planning on stopping anytime soon. To him, those imperfect journeys are what makes his memories perfect.


From cooking through to styling and events.

Evan has worked across many food brands. ​Layered by the Cuisine, Bakery, Pastry, Confectionery, Wine, Coffee and Nutrition knowledge. He wanted to take a step further on presenting food. Food aesthetics and vibes act an important role. He counted, a total dining experience should involve Sight, Aroma, Tactile, Taste, Sound. In 2018, he further studied food styling and photography in Le Cordon Bleu London featuring Alan Donaldson. 


Food and Flower

He had this innate connection to culinary arts since he was a child. After he completed a baking and pastry course in Japan's largest cooking school. He further studied difference cuisines and techniques around the world. He believes there is no wrong way to cook things. There are various culinary traditions. Some method of cooking rice may not as traditional as you know but that is not wrong. The Japanese style baking concept and procedure are completely different from the French style. However, we can still make a nice Baguette with a crispy crust and open crumb using Japanese style method. It is just about finding the recipe you like and the taste you love. 


He never imagined that he will engage in floral design. He completed a diploma in sugar flowers but deep down still are left feeling his work are not good enough. After one year of practising and self-taught all kind of flowers cakes decorating techniques, e.g., bean paste pipping, wafer paper, chocolate clay. He knew he has to acquire more flowers knowledge to make his sugar flowers more realistic. So then he was awarded his first certificate in professional florist and opened the door to the fabulous world of flower design. Because of his perfectionistic tendencies, he felt he could improve his flower matching skill further and encounter with more flowers varieties. He decided to work in a flowers shop and luckily he has the opportunity to work in a prestigious french florist for over two years. 


With his strong foundation in Japanese-style cooking concept and French-style floral design knowledge. Really helps him to develop a keen eye for detail and composition abilities to ensure beautiful imagery and outcome. His work is characterized by various cultures and incorporating with both classic and novelty techniques.


Baking and flower arrangement was his most enjoyable activities on the planet. He believes that no matter what happens. We should still bring up the food & drinks, bring back our smile and share happiness with others around the beautiful dining table.  

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