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Food & Prop Styling

Not sure how to present food in an appealing way?


Let us do the work for you to turn your delicious gourmet goods to mouthwatering images.


​Floral Design

We create exquisite floral designs for any occasion and events.

Our bespoke wedding florist service provides custom designed wedding flower arrangements including wedding bouquets, boutonnieres and table arrangements.

Image by Henry Be

 We found great passion in sharing our experiences & knowledge to empower people to achieve their biggest dreams. 

We offer a range of workshops across culinary, floral, styling and editorial conducted by Evan.

Image by Charles Deluvio


It is incredibly powerful for a brand to use a different angles to tell the same story.

Work with Starry Official to elevate your brand's seasonal campaign, promote local tourism and events or/ feature new menu or hotels.


For further details please contact us.

Image by Marten Bjork

Customs Content Creation

Different platforms have a different focus in terms of content.


We create monthly branded white-label content that suitable for your social media platforms.

Image by Mille Sanders
Social Media Management

Apart from quality content, you also need to produce regularly to keep your audience hooked.

We help you to schedule your posts and engage when you have followers leaving comments or asking questions on the comment section.

* Our Mgt. service is currently only available to existing clients as we have such limited availability.